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This Woman’s Engagement Ring Is Made of Her Fiancé’s Wisdom Tooth

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It is said that engagement ring that exchange by the couple were directly connected with the heart. Thus people always want their engagement ring should be beautiful and unique as it connects directly with the heart. When Lucas Unger and Carlee Leifkes were searching for a wedding band together, they needed something WAY strange – so they chose to have a stone made with Unger’s wisdom tooth as the focal point!

“So unbelievably eager to wed my best friend, the man who realizes that his wisdom tooth implies more to me than a precious stone,” Leifkes composed on her Facebook page, who got drew in with Unger on Halloween. “We have never been the ‘customary couple’, why the hell begins now?”

Carlee Leifkes received this wisdom-tooth engagement ring from her fiance Lucas Unger


Image credit- Facebook

Unger popped the inquiry on Halloween before Leifke’s family


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“So extraordinarily eager to wed my closest companion, the man who realizes that his intelligence tooth implies more to me than a jewel,” Leifkes composed


Image credit- Facebook

“We have never been the ‘traditional couple’, why the heck start now?”


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They chose to utilize Unger’s knowledge tooth, however he kept the real structure a mystery from her until the very end

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We wish them a long, weird happy life together!

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