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This quote of Prime Minister Modi is now becoming viral. See how people responded to it…

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When the prime minister of India says something out of his political lines it goes viral. This time Prime Minister Modi has said something like this. While inaugurating the National museum of Indian cinema in Mumbai, Narendra Modi recited a dialogue from the movie ‘URI: The Surgical Strike’.

Not exclusively is ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’ making truckloads of money in the cinematic world, it appears the nation’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is additionally a fan of the film!

“Aap sab ke liye ek sawal hai,” he starts, saying that he had a question to the audience where the most famous Bollywood personalities were sitting.

Modi asked “how’s the Josh?’ to the audience. It was the dialogue of Vicky Koushal from the ‘URI: The Surgical Strike’ movie. First the audience started clapping and laughing on his question. After a while the audience responded to Modi when he again recited the same line ‘How’s the Josh?’.

The audience said ‘High Sir!’….. It was an amazing atmosphere. But certainly it was not the end. This quote went viral on various social media platforms and people started reacting on it. Here are some reactions on P.M Modi’s viral quote ‘How’s the Josh?’


Uri: The Surgical Strike’ depends on the careful strikes completed by the Indian Army in Pakistan in 2016. The film additionally includes a character dependent on Prime Minister Modi in the film. Performing artists Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam, who star in the film, connected on Twitter to react to the inquiry, which echoes the appropriate response they had in the motion picture, “High sir.”

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