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This Cat Did Something That Is Pure Genius

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If you’ve ever found yourself down an Internet rabbit hole of silly cat videos, then you’ll know that cats are capable of pretty much anything, and this clever kitty is no exception to that rule!

In a clear case of feline ingenuity, Buttercup the Ragdoll is recorded staring into a plain white door that has a window on the top half. Of course, most cats wouldn’t be able to get a view from such a tricky situation, but not every cat is as determined as Buttercup.

So how did this daring kitty get a clear view of the outside world?

By demonstrating a wide range of remarkable acrobatic skills, that’s how!

When Buttercup makes the initial jump, elevating itself from the tips of one of the litter trays, it manages to claw its nails into the wood and thereby allow itself a few seconds to have a clear view outside the window!

As anyone who has a kitty knows, looking outside of a window can be the highlight of a feline’s day. They’ll stay in the same spot for hours on end, watching life go by us suckers slave away at our jobs all day.

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