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These Hilarious paintings are made by the thumb of a Guy. Could you believe!

300 x 250

The man behind the Instagram profile Wham Bam (@tumbpaint) makes outwardly basic delineations but since of the accounts he makes around them, he has almost 120,000 followers.

The two primary characters of his funnies are Red and Yellow. They are essentially round masses with faces, arms, and legs drawn with a dark marker.

His sharp perceptions and extraordinary comical inclination will keep you looking through his posts for quite a long time! On the off chance that you just need to see the best of, look down for our most loved picks.

This is Hilarious!

So Funny!

This is awesome!

So great!

Thumbs up Man!

OMG! With Family.

You are kidding!

Lord of the Flies?

Birds are Chippering!

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