The true Concept of Natural Beauty through Ben Hoppers Eyes

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Consistently, craftsmen and poets have utilized their specialty to express their thoughts, contemplations, and feelings, which are regularly endlessly not quite the same as the predominant guidelines and philosophies of the age and society they live in.

Some make workmanship to end up objects of wonder and stylish motivation, while some utilization craftsmanship as an innovative setting to scrutinize the present state of affairs, to push the points of confinement and obscure the lines between what is worthy and what might be viewed as forbidden. London-based picture taker Ben Hopper is a case of the last mentioned.

For his project called “Natural Beauty,” Ben requested that models and performing artists develop their body hair to challenge the possibility that bristly ladies are ugly. It intends to scrutinize the cutting edge norms of excellence and gentility essentially by appearing with underarm hair. It doubts how what used to be ‘normal’ is currently considered in numerous social orders as ugly, unhygienic, and “unfeminine.” As Ben clarifies on his site,

“In spite of the fact that armpit hair is a characteristic state it has turned into an announcement. For what reason is that? For very nearly a century we have been mentally conditioned by the excellence business, empowering hair expulsion. To discover ‘Natural beauty is not easy these days. By making a differentiation between normal ‘chic’ female magnificence and the crude eccentric look of female armpit hair, considerations are captivated and a dialog is made.”

Some of you will most likely think that its enabling, some will covertly recoil at the photos, some will say “to each their own!” and some may think that its absolute sickening. In any case, as Rainbow Rowell said in her book Eleanor and Park, “She looked like craftsmanship, and workmanship should look pleasant; it should make you feel something.”

Credit: Ben Hopper

Credit: Ben Hopper

Credit: Ben Hopper

Credit: Ben Hopper


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