Spring Makeup Tips – Top Celebrity Looks for Brown Eyes

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Celebrity makeup looks for the spring season include big and bold lashes and sultry, and smoky, shimmery eyes for day and night. If you have brown eyes, you can accentuate your eyes with a few deep and shimmery colors that will make your eyes ‘pop’. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles have all mastered a smoldering look for the eyes this spring with a lineup of smoky eye looks and shimmery nude palettes that draw out the rich cocoa and deep brown tones of their eyes.
Ready to update your spring eye makeup collection? Pick up some of these shades to enhance brown eyes, celebrity-style:

Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eye Look

Illuminate dark brown eyes a la Kim Kardashian by using cool and shimmery shades on the eyes to create a lighter smoky eye effect. This celebrity makeup look is still running strong for the spring season, and you can make your brown eyes stand out day or night by using a light grey or silver hue up to the brow.

Natalie Portman’s Thick Lash Look

Natalie Portman’s light brown eyes become the focal point of her face with a set of eyelash extensions and a few layers of black mascara. Don’t be afraid to layer on the mascara this spring, especially if you’re wearing a nude or lighter shade on the lids. This season, it’s all about creating thick and voluminous lashes and these will create a strong contrast to bring out those brown peepers by day or night.

Nicole Richie’s Romantic Look

Purple is here to stay for another season, and Nicole Richie has been sporting rich purple shadow with a touch of shimmer this spring. You can replicate the look by using a light shimmery silver shadow up to the arch of your brow, then adding a layer of violet or darker purple to the area right above the eyelid to enhance your brown eyes.

Eva Longoria Parker’s Bronzed Look

Go for the gold this season and warm up brown eyes with a layer of shimmering gold that goes up to the brow and extends slightly out to the edge of the corner of your eyes. Eva Longoria Parker is sporting this look for spring with a combination of brown colored shadow and creamy gold on the lids. Finish with a few layers of mascara to bring out those brown eyes by day or night.

Shenae Grime’s Shimmer Look

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Shimmery eye shadow is still a leading trend for the season, and you can replicate Shenae Grimes’ look with a touch of light shimmer powder on the corner of your lids and around the brow bone. Finish with a light brown eye liner and a few layers of thick black mascara for to draw out your brown eyes and add a playful twist to your spring look.


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