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Photographer Captures the Magical Ride of a Baby Weasel on Woodpecker’s Back

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We often encounter with weird animal behavior. These weird behaviors of animals make us think that animals do have emotions. They fight with each other like enemies and sometimes take their love beyond their own species. It may sound weird but many times such incident occurs. Recently a passionate photographer named Martin Le-May has captured some unusual and rare pictures of a woodpecker and a baby weasel fighting for their life over Hornchurch Country Park.

As per Le-May, he was strolling in the recreation center with his better half when they heard, and afterward observed, the battle unfurl. At the point when the winged animal flew directly crosswise over them, they could see it had a little vertebrate on its back – and that is the point at which he snapped these photos.

Weasels love to victimize homes; however this one was likely after the woodpecker itself. Regardless, he appears to have been thwarted until further notice. As Le-May expressed, “The woodpecker left with its life. The weasel just vanished into the long grass, hungry.”

What at first may appear to be a mysterious woodpecker ride…


Picture credit: businessinsider

… was really a filthy and alarming fight for survival!


Picture credit: businessinsider

After the woodpecker landed, they battled and afterward the weasel fled


Picture credit: businessinsider

“The woodpecker left with its life. The weasel just vanished into the long grass, hungry


Picture credit: businessinsider


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