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Traveler Shares most beautiful sights of America from a train rout for just $186

Just imagine, when a person mentions that s/he is travelling from California to New York, we think, he or she might be travelling by plane. It will take around six hour to travel from California to New York by plane. It seems like a heartbeat to cross so many countries from start to end. But if you have laptop, books and other interesting stuffs, the journey may not be bored. But you can’t take all the things in plane. There are some sorts of restriction in plane. You can’t bear…

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Never-Before-Seen Images Reveal the exclusion zone of Fukushima

The Fukushima nuclear disaster was one of the horrible man-made disasters we have seen in recent decades. Therefore many geologists and photographers paid their visits to study to Fukushima for studying the condition of the place. last Month Arkasiusz Podniesinski travel to the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. He wanted to examine the exclusion zone with his own eyes. When he got the permission to inspect the 20km (12.5 miles) Exclusion Zone, from the authorities, he faced a very similar scene from a post-apocalyptic film. He actually observed a…

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Famous Politicians In Horror Movie Scenes

what would happen if we see some famous politicians being cast in horror movies? Would it be more horrifying or funnier? what do you think? most of us who love political satires might have imagined about politicians in a different scenario such as movie scenes, sports events, etc. The plan to swap out the Hollywood stars of these blood and guts movies for political figures originated from the innovative network over at DesignCrowd. Many creators made their recommendations for world pioneers including Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, and Angela Merkel as…

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