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Emotional poem of an autistic boy leaves the teacher in tears

What happened when a class assignment has turned in to work worthy for Benjamin Giroux, a young author? Benjamin’s emotional poem is about the life of a autism went viral across the world. The poem moved thousand of the people in the social network and they express their feelings on twitter.   The then 10-year-old from Plattsburgh, New York, was promptly propelled after his teacher asked to write a poem about themselves, beginning each couple of sentences with “I am.” Benjamin, not generally one to express a lot of feeling, moved…

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Weird and funny names of animals that will make you laugh

We all are aware about the fact that whenever something is discovered the credit always goes to the discoverer. The species or material gets a name or symbol with respect to the discoverer. But you would be amazed that there are millions of species in this universe. As we are humans we too have some limits. We have not yet discovered all the species. But those species that our scientists or biologists have discovered are just amazing. There are some rare species with some funny and weird names that will…

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13 weirdest stadiums in the world you should know

Great deals of stadiums around the globe have fabulous structures, similar to the new World Cup 2010stadiums in South Africa. Stadiums offer pride to the nations where they are found. However there are some stadiums where designers have fizzled and there are some exceptionally sharp adjustments to the encompassing scene and that make them sort of strange. Japan, Osaka stadium, previous home ground of baseball crew Nankai Hawks. The stadium arranged in focus of Osaka City, with limit of 31379 seats. In 1988, The Hawks’ proprietor organization sold the group…

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