Guide to This Season’s Sexy, Celebrity Hair Trends

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Big hair, beachy waves, undone updos, extreme texture, and heavy bangs are, according to the Allure Magazine November 2010 Issue, the sexiest hair to have right now. In the issue, Allure gives simple directions to achieve these great styles, along with advice and beautiful pictures styled by such celebrity stylists as Guido, Orlando Pita, Oribe, Garren, Chris McMillan and Serge Normant. The photos show gorgeous, celebrity hair, runway styles, and lots of glamour. But can these extreme styles transfer to today’s woman? Are celebrity-inspired styles showing up women’s day-to-day lives? Here’s what I’m seeing in the salon where I work in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Big hair

I love big hair. After all, I was a product of the 80s, and I keep hearing that the 80s are back. Certainly I would suspect that the 80s big hair trend would hit the teenage set first, as they are usually the brave forerunners of fashion in this area. And yet, they are still coming into the salon to get their flat-ironed hair trimmed into long layered forms. In conjunction with the 80s trends, I’ve seen shorts with leggings, tie-dye shirts, and other 80s apparel but no big hair. The closest we’ve come is a set or two of barrel curls for weddings or special occasions, but that’s about it. Either this trend hasn’t hit us in the Valley yet, or it’s going to fizzle before it becomes fabulous. It is a bit time consuming to muster – I remember spending an hour every day curling and teasing my mall-chick bangs in just the right direction – so I’m thinking that maybe come prom time the beautiful big hair will begin to make a more common appearance.

Beachy waves

On the other hand, I am seeing some ladies ditching their flat-irons and embracing their long, loose waves. They’re not necessarily trying to be at the fore-front of the fashion world, but they, like many celebrities, are ready to embrace a softer, more natural look that happens to be right on trend. These smart women shampoo and condition their wavy hair, put in a bit of curl enhancing hair product – such as mousse or Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curl Collection products, scrunch, and go. By not blow-drying the hair, it is less damaged and less frizzy, and the natural waves look great.

Undone updo’s

Updo’s are great for a night out, a wedding, or any other special occasion, but most women don’t take the time to create one or to go the salon and get one done. I love the looks of the ‘rough glamour‘ found in this Issue of Allure Magazine- what a beautiful, yet slightly edgy look. Unfortunately, for every day use, it’s just not practical. What I do see is a lot of low slung pony tails, low messy buns (where the ponytail is pulled partway through the ponytail holder), and hair twisted up behind the head and clipped. Call it the busy woman’s updo, if you will. It’s simple and easy and takes almost no time at all to create.

Textured bobs

Other quick and easy styles I’m seeing are a short, layered bob, simple A-line bobs, and of course, long locks with chin length layers. I’m also seeing short crops with lots of texture. Allure Magazine also talks about hair texture. Although the magazine is leaning towards teasing hair to add texture, I find that many women in the Lehigh Valley are looking for a way to add texture to hair without all the fuss – and tangles – of teasing. We frequently add texture and body to hair with a razor or razor comb (don’t try this at home!) to give the hair some extra oomph and beautiful texture without all the extra effort. Great hair products such as pomade, Texture Tossle Spray by Design Line, or Styling Serum by It’s a 10! can make hair look more edgy or more refined. Of course, nothing beats playing up your natural hair texture rather than fighting against it.


Bangs, it seems, are a regular fashion accessory no matter who you are. Most ladies in this salon prefer some kind of bang, and more than any other kind, a long side-swept fringe. This type of bang, according to Garren for Allure, is universally flattering. And for once I would absolutely agree.

So while not all of the celebrity styles seem to hit the streets outside of the red carpet, some, like the side-swept bang, are great for celebrities and for the rest of us. The key is finding a style that you love and can maintain and recreate – whether it is a celebrity style or something that is all your own.


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