Front Lace Wigs: What Are They and Which Celebs Have Them?

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Front lace wigs are all the rage for African American women today. But what is all of the fuss about? Just ask Beyonce or Tyra Banks as they both use front lace wigs. You may not have realized since the wigs look very natural but most African American women in Hollywood are now wearing this type of wig.

Traditional wigs are normally made from a synthetic with a bulky cap along with fasteners and grips. The front lace wigs are made from 100 percent human hair. Some of the more expensive versions of the front lace wig have baby hairs attached on the front, giving an even more natural appearance.

With this type of wig your styling options are endless. If you want to wear it up, you can! If you want to add some curl to it, you can do that too! With a synthetic wig you normally have limited styling options. Instead of a cap a front lace wig gives you a thin piece of lace which the hairs are knotted into. The fact that these wigs blend so well into your natural hairline is one of the main reasons women buy them.

If you have purchased this type of wig but are unsure how to attach it, you will find it really quite simple. You have two choices for the type of attachment you want to use. Liquid adhesive is one method; just ensure that what you are using is a high quality product suitable for human use. The front lace is placed at a minimum of one inch back from the natural hairline. The wig is then placed on top. If done correctly it will give the appearance of hair growing naturally from your scalp. Double sided tape is the second option for application. This method takes a little more time and effort but the end result is the same. Make sure that your strips are 3×3.8 inches. Apply the first strip to the polyurethane area that the lace connects to. Next you will place the strip on the front of your hairline at the edge of the lace. Do not worry about overlapping strips or cutting them. This is normal to ensure that it will fit snugly to your unique head shape. Also ensure that you are applying pressure as you go around, all of the strips must be tight. Place the last strip of tape on the other side of the polyurethane where you began. Check that there are no gaps in you strips.

Whether you choose the liquid adhesive or the double sided tape, make sure that it is made specifically for the front lace wig.

You will find that front lace wigs do cost more than the traditional synthetics, however the initial investment is well worth the price. The quality is outstanding! It can take over 100 hours for a wig maker to tie each individual strand of hair for one wig, making these some of the most beautiful and natural looking wigs available on the market today.




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