Where to Find Free Celebrity Perfume Samples Online

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There are a lot of times where we want to try new things. The cost plays a big factor in just sticking with what’s familiar, right? We end up staying with the same fragrance for years on end. However, I feel like it is a time for refreshing! A time for purging! A time for something new. Don’t throw that half used bottle of Cool Water away just yet, let’s try some free samples of perfume, first!

Who likes Sarah Jessica Parker? Well she plays in some good films, however my friend thinks that she is ugly. That nose gots to go. lol Anyways, we aren’t talking about noses right now and I am trying to gain my composure so I can finish this article. LOL Uhm, okay well her perfume might tell us a different story and you can try it for free, today! Just visit her website here. There are three to chose from and click on request a sample.

Jessica Simpson anyone? Hey she is cute now that she has some meat on her bones. Phat’s in baby and her perfume may make her that much phatter. I am anxious to try some of this stuff, so I sent in for my free sample of Fancy, today. Do your thing girl! Fill out this form and there you go!

Gentlemen, do you have my attention? Wonderful! J-Lo has something for you. Deseo is her new cologne for men. Not only is she a great actress, singer and now a great perfume designer, she likes giving free samples to gentlemen like yourself. If this sounds like a great deal, visit her here.

Celine Dion is offering a free sample of her Sensational perfume. I just submitted my request to try her perfume out. Keep in mind that these perfumes may take four to six weeks, but they will eventually get to you. If this sounds like a perfume that you may want to try, go ahead and visit her site right here.

Shania Twain is my girl and she also has a new fragrance called Starlight. if you know anything about Shania, you know that she can sing. If she can make perfume as well as she sings, this free sample will definitely be worth your while to obtain. Visit her site and see where you can choose a free sample of her two fragrances.

These are the samples that we have found. We know that there are many other stars out there that will offer the perfume, but may not offer free samples. Some of these examples are Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Mary Kate and Ashley. Perhaps you can email them to request a free sample of their perfume.

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