Celebrity Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

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We always look to celebrities to give us ideas for how to look our best. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for gorgeous hairstyles for medium length hair, read on for suggestions on what Hollywood is sporting on the red carpet and beyond.

Whether you like straight, curly, bobbed, feathered, coiffed, or pinned up hairstyles, celebrities are wearing almost all of these looks to show off their “best sides”. The best way to find which style fits you best is to try one of those virtual makeovers. Tons of sites have them now.

Long Layers

Long layers look great for hairstyles for medium length hair. Angel them toward your face to focus on your best features; be it eyes, cheekbones, jawline and mouth, etc.


The modern ‘bob’ hairstyle is anything but one-dimensional. More celebrities are wearing them asymmetrical, curly, straight and swept up to give different looks depending on what is needed. Full forward cuts with extended side-front pieces give dimensional movement for added effect.

Wavy / Curly

Haircuts for wavy curly hair

Wavy and curly hair is always in style, and with a bit of added mystery of color and a great cut, you can look fabulous anytime. Curly hair is much more forgiving to the scissors as it doesn’t show the mistakes as much as straightened hairstyles do. Wavy, spiral, and soft curls are always in style. When fixing an up-do, always pull a couple strands out of the pinned-up part to add elegance.


Heat-straightened hair is still a big thing in Hollywood. Silky, smooth and sexy hairstyles are still steaming down the runways in layers and razor-edged cuts. Find which suits you by experimenting with different looks.

It always seems that those who have straight hair want curly hair, and those with curly locks love the straightened looks. Hmmmph, you’d think we’d all get smart and just go with what God gave us. LOL 🙂

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