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Celebrity Hairstyle Tips

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We’ve all seen the celebrity magazines with a certain haircut that we just have to get or want. But not every celebrity haircut will necessary compliment every person. There are factors to take into account when choosing your haircut.

What kind of lifestyle are you living? Would a particular style actually be practical in your every day life? Is it difficult to maintain? Does it play up your physical attributes or show your flaws? Any haircut takes much serious thought. Here are a few tips if you absolutely must have that haircut. You first need to determine what the shape of your face is. Just look in the mirror and study your face. Is your forehead wide or thin? Do you have a long or short chin? An oval shaped face would be ideal for any hairstyle because the forehead and chin are balanced.

A round face would suit a haircut that will lift up your facial features while a heart shaped face which generally has a smaller chin, will need to create width around it to balance everything out. Okay so now know your face shape. Now you have to think about how your lifestyle will play into this cut. Are you always on the go? Are you the sort of person who in the morning enjoys sleep and would prefer to just shower, blow dry your hair and leave for work? Or do you want to get up an hour earlier just so your hair looks perfect?

Take these all into account before choosing your selection. It has to be conducive to the sort of life you are leading. An added bonus you can think about when you are choosing that perfect cut is adding a splash of color to it! Highlights or lowlights to compliment your hair can make a world of difference. It can brighten and add color to your face to help enhance those attributes. So we are aware of the shape of our face and know the kind of lifestyle we lead. Let’s start leafing through those celebrity magazines and find the cuts we’re drawn to. Is our face similar?

Fits our busy life? We can always go a little longer or shorter if you want to put a bit of your own personal style into it. Lastly be realistic about the cut. You won’t look exactly like Jennifer Aniston or Jessica Simpson but you can look the best that you can be and that’s the most important.

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