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Japanese Architect Designs an Entire Home with an Inclined Wall for this Reason

 Earthquake is the most common problem in Japan. Due to earthquake there is always huge loss of assets every time. In Yokohama, the second largest city of Japan with a population of 3.7 million has facing with so common problem earthquake. In Japan, annually 1500 earthquake happens. Some of them are like out of control by making disaster in the country. Thanks to god most of the earthquakes are mild and they cause some domestic clutter like things falls down from shelves. Mostly books are falling drastically to the floor.…

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13 weirdest stadiums in the world you should know

Great deals of stadiums around the globe have fabulous structures, similar to the new World Cup 2010stadiums in South Africa. Stadiums offer pride to the nations where they are found. However there are some stadiums where designers have fizzled and there are some exceptionally sharp adjustments to the encompassing scene and that make them sort of strange. Japan, Osaka stadium, previous home ground of baseball crew Nankai Hawks. The stadium arranged in focus of Osaka City, with limit of 31379 seats. In 1988, The Hawks’ proprietor organization sold the group…

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People Living On this Remote Island will kill you if you take a wrong turn towards them.

Situated off the bank of India, North Sentinel Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal. It’s far from human progress and nobody has possessed the capacity to reach the local occupants. The island is one of the final uncouth spots of the earth! An indigenous clan has lived on the Island with amazingly constrained contact with outcasts. Any individual who has endeavored to investigate the island has been assaulted or by and large slaughtered. North Sentinel is so risky for outcasts that India’s legislature has set up a three-mile…

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