Best Celebrity Hairstyles to Copy for Prom 2017

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Looking for the perfect 2017 prom look? Here are three great celebrity hairstyles to try. All are natural looking and easy to style.

Penelope Cruz in Broken Embraces

Perfect for thick hair with some natural wave, this gently layer cut naturally frames the face. The key to this hairstyle is a good cut, so take a picture of it to your hairstylist before prom. The hair is cut in soft layers and can be styled with a small amount of gel. Style with your fingers and allow to air dry. Alternatively, use a hair dryer fitted with a diffuser. This style also looks great when you use a curling iron to enhance curls and a touch of hair spry. Alternatively, go for a sleek look by using a straightening iron. What I love about this look is its romantic softness and how it frames the face. Plus, it is easy to style. It can really shows off thick, wavy hair or give thin hair more volume. For prom, try accessorizing this hairstyle with tiny barrettes, clips or a headband to match your dress. See the first link following this article for a picture of this Penelope Cruz hairstyle.

Sandra Bullock Oscars Look

What I love about this look worn by Sandra Bullock at the Oscars is its simplicity and its old Hollywood glamor. Hair is parted on the side and styled with a shine enhancer. Although this hairstyle is for long hair, it is important to have ends trimmed to keep hair looking tidy. Wear makeup in a classic palette, with dramatic eyelashes and bright lips. See the second link following this article for a picture of Sandra Bullock at the Oscars to give you inspiration.

Amanda Seyfried Oscars Look

The 2016 Oscars provided plenty of inspiration for prom 2017 hairstyles. Another classic look is Amanda Seyfried’s Oscars hairstyle. This works with hair long enough to put in a ponytail and is easy to do at home. Wash hair and allow to air dry or use a hair dryer with a diffuser. When hair is still slightly damp, add a little styling gel and comb through gently with fingers. Create a part on the side. This will help to train your hair to say in place all evening. When hair is dry, use a comb to pull hair back into a sleek ponytail. Check out the third link following this article for a picture of Amanda Seyfried’s Oscar look.

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