6 Deadly Plants You Should Always Avoid

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We know what you’re thinking: Killer plants… really? Well, believe it or not, many plants contain harmful toxins that can prove fatal if digested.


So if you happen to get more in touch with nature, we highly recommend you avoid foraging when any of these plants are lurking nearby.

Here are 26 of the world’s deadliest plants.

1. Angel’s Trumpet


Sure, the name may sound angelic enough, but the symptoms associated with its digestion can be highly uncomfortable, and in some cases, fatal.

Members of the Solanaceae family, these ornate yellow plants are poisonous when ingested, and can induce symptoms that include diarrhea, migraines, and partial paralysis. 

2. Morning Glory 


While the Morning Glory plant is, in many ways, glorious on the eye, it contains LSA, the hallucinogen cousin to LSD.

Not only will consuming this plant make you a danger to yourself, but you’ll also become increasingly erratic around others if you find yourself on a bad trip. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. 

3. Poison Oak


It’s worth staying away from poison oak should you come across it as the slightest contact will leave a nasty rash on your hands and face.

Those that go one step further and eat the stuff will suffer severe gastrointestinal problems.

4. Pokeweed


Similar in appearance to blackcurrants, pokeweed is prevalent in the American south and is used in the local soul cuisine. 

Not cooked properly, however, and eating it can bring about convulsions, vomiting, and respiratory paralysis. 

5. Doll’s Eyes


Though they may look like a prop from a 1970’s horror movie, this plant is very much real and is native to eastern and northern North America.

Proving that looks aren’t deceiving in the slightest, this freaky plant is toxic to the core. And while the sweet tasting berry believes it harmless when first consumed, it actually contains a carcinogenic toxin which can have a dangerous sedative effect on if digested. 

6. Bleeding Tooth Fungus

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Though it may look like the remnants of a discarded alien’s brain, this oddly-shaped plant is known as a bleeding tooth fungus, owing to its red, blood-like dots and pink surface area that bears a resemblance to the human gum.

Common in the Pacific northwest of America, this fungus isn’t dangerous at all, but as it looks so ghastly, we thought we’d include it anyway. It’s truly gross, and oddly beautiful at the same time. Nature, ey?