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30 famous Movie Scenes with & without Special effects

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Hey! Have you imagined your favourite superhero movie without special effects? How would it look? Honestly we are not privy to certain facts about our favourite films. We just go and enjoy a well-made movie with wonderful storyline. But CGI plays an important role in holding our nerves during those crucial hours we sit in the theatre. So it’s important to know how they do it. It’s interesting to see some of the scenes from our famous movies without CGI. Are you ready? Here we go with 30 famous movie scenes with and without Special effects.

1. Just Look at this!

2. Just try to look at this scene from the movie guardian of the galaxy!

3. See how CGI changes everything! WTH, Is this a Dragon?

4. Sometimes actors have to put effort in front of the green screen. See this scene from Harry Potter.

5. See this amazing scene from the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

6. Did you wonder how they achieved to make such a realistic movie? Kudos to the team of Gravity!

7. Thanks to CGI that we are able to see such beautiful scenes.

8. We can never forget this iconic movie that has created an ancient universe that looks real.

9. Mad Max: Fury Road fans will be mad after seeing this scene.

10. The Chronicles of Narnia

11. Do we need to say something for this magnificent scene?

12. The CGI has made the Marvel universe.

13. All credits to James Franco for being able to sell this scene to audiences everywhere.

14. You can never watch The Hobbit the same way again.

15. CGI creates new universes and we love it.

16. You are kidding me! Look what CGI has done?

17. Deadpool rocks!

18. Guess which movie is it?

19. Even scenes like this relies on CGI.

20. The CGI enhancement for this scene is just outstanding.

21. Life of Pi, looks living and real with CGI

Just see how beautifully they created this scene.

22. Here comes the Kryptonian! The superman without CGI.

23. Dramatic movies look more realistic with CGI. …

24. Just look at Sandra Bullock’s face! Imagine how it changes.

25. OMG! The New York City. Are they cheating us?

26. Now you see the iron suit! Is it real?  

27. The great wizard of OZ!

28. The Transformers! It’s unbelievable

29. They are genius who transforms things completely. Guess which movie it is?

30. Oh! Lieutenant Dan has legs!

source: www.viralnova.com

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