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10 most weird looking Yoga Poses you should see

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Yoga and its training give us a wide range of magnificent and amazing feelings, yet we need to concede that there are some amazing poses that look weird. It might look painful yet they are great for your health.

Eight Angle Pose (Astavakrasana)

While we think this is a standout amongst the most awesome arm adjusts you can do, you need to let it out additionally sort of resembles a “malicious push-up” a health specialist would concoct to make your life harder.

Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Source: i-will-not-stop.tumblr.com

Alright, we don’t need to state much on this since it’s quite clear even just from “Cheerful Baby” why this posture looks clever. In the event that you ask us however, it truly looks glad and outright unwinding!

Ear Pressure Pose (Karnapidasana)

It’s the delightful back stretch with your barge in on noticeable all around that (nearly) dependably gets casted a ballot as an interesting looking yoga present. Why? In such a case that not for yoga, for what reason would anybody even get in this position?!

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Source: yoganerdmd.tumblr.com

An extraordinary hip opener that can without much of a stretch be made dramatic by including or doing jazz hands.

Embryo Pose (Pindasana)

This is a great pose for relaxation. Sometimes I also do it when I feel stressed. But whenever I attempt to do it, someone laughs at me be it may younger sister or my friend. One day one of my friends looked at this pose and said ‘What kind of thing is this?’

Bound Lotus (a.k.a Baddha Padmasana)

Don’t you abhor it when you’re contemplating in Lotus and your huge toes begin tingling like there’s no tomorrow? Better get into Baddha Padmasana and scratch them – said nobody ever.

Shoulder Pressing Pose (Bhujapidasana)

Another arm adjusting represent that without the yoga viewpoint, sort of makes us look like frogs suspended in mid-air.

Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Source: YogaTrail.com

Alright, as a matter of first importance, we perceive that this takes distraught aptitudes to perform (likewise with the greater part of alternate postures on this rundown, truly). All things considered, it isn’t so difficult to envision if everybody held Firefly and strolled with their hands. Perhaps a stage up from crab walks?

Legs Behind the Head Pose (Dwi Pada Sirsasana)

Source: Matt Champoux on Tumblr

Since it’s impeccably typical and ordinary to put your legs behind your head while you eat a cupcake.

Yogic Sleep/Sleeping Yogi Pose (Yoga Nidrasana)

Source: Krista Shirley (The Yoga Shala) on Flickr

Yogi Krista looks so quiet in this image we nearly overlook she’s collapsed her body into a size that would fit into a gear. OK so perhaps this one doesn’t consider interesting or abnormal, however it’s certainly stunning and WTF-inciting!

Presently yoga is obviously not tied in with having the capacity to change into gravity-challenging human pretzels…but man, these postures beyond any doubt make us need to achieve that dimension of training – regardless of how interesting or odd we’ll look to every other person

Source: www.doyouyoga.com

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