Top Ten Most Attractive Bald Celebrities

By the very nature of a “best-looking bald celebrities” list, the following top ten names happen to be male. If I’ve overlooked any lovely ladies, you have my apologies. Without further ado, I give you my picks for the most attractive superstars known for baldness–or even for balding; I’m not that picky.
10. Ed Harris. The talented actor with the sly grin, Ed Harris has a beautiful face and a beautiful balding dome to match. Harris need not hide behind a head full of locks: his quiet confidence and inner strength shine through for all to see.

9. Cal Ripken, Jr. The “Iron Man” may not actually be associated with Hollywood, but Cal Jr.’s handsomeness can make even baseball look good. Do you really think if he were less attractive that he still would’ve gotten that 20-minute-plus standing ovation in ’95? I guess we’ll never know.

8. Sir Ben Kingsley. The accredited legend looks good with or without hair, which is a quite a feat in Tinseltown and not bad for being a knight either. Whether he really does insist on being called “Sir Ben” or not, I’ll call him attractive any day of the week.

7. Howie Mandel. The charming funny man and game show darling is bald, beautiful and Canadian. What’s not to love?

6. Andre Agassi. Even if you hesitate to call Andre Agassi the greatest tennis player of all time, you may be quick to agree with this: he’s fairly attractive. Whether he’s sporting a blonde mullet or a freshly-shaved dome, Agassi’s got appeal.

5. Sir Patrick Stewart. Although it feels a little funny calling out Grandpa Stewart’s good looks, his effortless attractiveness seems undeniable. He is distinguished and beyond talented–with any number of other superlatives applying as well.

4. Kevin Garnett. Lucky for him, and for us, green is Kevin Garnett’s color. The uber-gorgeous power forward makes bald look good.

3. Chris Daughtry. Despite his shock-elimination from “American Idol,” Chris Daughtry–with his good looks in tow–is here to stay. The talented singer-musician sure is a crowd pleaser.

2. Billy Zane. The famed actor, producer and director has never looked better. Billy Zane seems like the kind of guy who isn’t going to let anything hold him back–and with those good looks, we can understand his confidence.

1. Bruce Willis. Being the poster boy for bald and beautiful, Bruce Willis acts as a shining ray of hope for men who fear losing their hair. Yes, gentleman, bald can be great–especially when you look like Mr. Willis.

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