Ten Favorite Celebrity Haircuts

Stay ahead of fashion trends, haircuts, and hairstyles by keeping an eye on celebrity hairstyles. Currently, all eyes are on the red carpet with the recent Golden Globes and upcoming Oscars. Celebrities will be sporting hot haircuts and hairstyles
Celebrity hairstylists are responsible for the cut and style of our favorite celebrities, but ultimately it’s the person wearing the hair that attracts or repels us.

As always Victoria Beckham is on the forefront of hairstyle and fashion. This year hot looks include Kelly Carlson – Nip Tuck’s Kimber,Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Anniston.

Celebrity Haircuts: Nip-Tuck’s Kelly Carlson takes short hair in waves

A short hairstyle can be sexy and bouncy, too. Take a look at Nip-Tuck’s Kimber,

Kelly Carlson and you’ll see a hairstyle with real panache. Kelly’s short hairstyle is lifted with large curls, some combed toward her face, others away. A root lifter adds bounce and volume to short hair. The style is sharp and soft. Hold the hairstyle in place with hairspray that will not weigh your hair down. It is a great style that transitions from the office to a night on the town with ease.

Celebrity Hairstyles: Jessica Alba attracts our eye with long, soft curls

Jessica Alba has sported nearly every hairstyle imaginable and worn them all well. Her current brunette hair shines vibrantly and bounces with soft curls on the end. Work with a large barrel curling iron, or resort to an tried and true method of obtaining Jessica Alba like soft curls, use large sponge rollers at night. Part your hair on the side so that more of the curls fall to one side for a genuine Jessica Alba look.

As always use lightweight, super hold hairspray.

Celebrity Haircut that Caught on Fast: Jennifer Anniston

Brushed and styled toward the front, Jennifer Anniston’s haircut is simple and straightforward, but always looks good, whether Jennifer is on the town or having bumming around town. Her secret is a good haircut with long layers, angled around the face. At least that is the style, known popularly as “the Rachael,” made popular by her character on friends. Recently Jennifer Anniston has allowed her hair to grow longer.

Jennifer Anniston’s hair is likely well conditioned and treated with a frizz control product that will not weigh down her hair. You can wear your hear like Anniston’s by using an ionic ceramic tourmaline straightener. Turn your hair under at the bottom with a with a large barrel brush curling iron.

For more lift use a root volumizing mouse or gel prior to drying and styling.

Simply stylish from the red carpet celebrities who caught our eye this year included Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, and a host of celebrities who have been wearing their hair up without the traditional updo.

Reese Witherspoon Sports a Polished Celebrity Haircut with Traditional style

Reese Witherspoon is one celebrity who has skipped the updo altogether in recent appearances. Reese looked polished and beautiful without all the fuss. Her golden-brown hair color accented her skin tone and eyes perfectly. This is a great hair color for anyone who wants to give blonde hair color a try without going all the way with a brassy, bold look. Capture this hairstyle using a moisturizing leave in conditioner, mouse, or hair gel. Smooth the long locks of hair with an ionic ceramic straightening iron. Use a large barrel curling iron to bring the ends to order in a traditional, smooth sweep under.

Celebrity Haircuts and Hairstyles: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has recently worn Jessica Alba like curls, with highlights in her large, soft curls. Large volume curls have been pulled back with to show off Miley’s youthful face. Miley’s soft curly hair can be achieved with a lightweight lifting gel, mouse, or conditioner to add volume. A large barrel ionic curling iron cuts the frizz and enhances curls. Again, use a lightweight hairspray, like Big Sexy Hair, to hold the curls in place.

Kate Winslet, Heidi Klum, Eva Mendez, and Jennifer Lopez Wear Hair Up Without the Updo

There are so many days when I have to pull my hair up, or sweep it up in an alligator clip and start the day on the run. It has eased my conscious and caught my eye to see Kate Winslet, Heidi Klum, Eva Mendez, and Jennifer Lopez wear their hair pinned up, in lose buns, and swept up in the back without the detailed updo curls, ringlets, and trendles.

It’s interesting to note that these women have recently worn fewer highlights. This year’s look seems to be rich, solid traditional brunette hair colors. Celebrity color styles can be imitated with professional hair color and color enriching or protecting shampoo and conditioner. Color enhancing shampoo can be used to soften or add vibrancy to any color hair.

Celebrity Styley: Ashley Judd’s Bob Haircut

Ashley Judd has worn a short bob. Her hair color is dark, without highlights. A leave in conditioner will allow you to recreate the hairstyle without fly-aways. Straighten with a ceramic ionic straightener using a root lifter or volumizer to create the lift that is right for you. Ashley’s bob hairstyle is parted in the middle. Let your hair fall into its natural part.

Diane Keaton wears “the Rachael” haircut

I doubt Diane Keaton is imitating Jennifer Anniston’s hairstyle, but Diane Keaton wears long layers accented with multi-colored highlights. Diane’s hairstyle requires a mouse or gel that adds lift from the roots of the hair. It isn’t straightened, but the hair is tamed with a curling iron. A tourmaline iron or brush iron will help achieve the look, which should be held with a soft hold hairspray.

Celebrity Haircuts: Cindy Crawford and Courtney Cox with bed head hair?

I recently saw Cindy Crawford and Courtney Cox with carefully styled tousled hair. Calling their hairstyles bed head is over the top. Their long hair is carefully and easily styled. Interestingly, both had vibrant, shiny warm colors. Loose curls, likely dried with a diffuser then wrapped around the barrel of a curling iron, fell loosely around their face. This hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of styling products and has a free spirited look about it.

Courtney had more curls, which can be accomplished by curling the hair all the way to the scalp, or wearing a gentle wave created by a loose perm, or body wave. Kate Hudson has also been seen sporting this style.

Celebrity Hairstyles and Haircuts: Angelina Jolie with long, straight hair

Angelina Jolie often wears her hair one length, without a lot of curls or fuss. The secret to long, beautiful hair is healthy hair – which is the product of a healthy diet or hair vitamins. Leave in conditioners are often used to keep hair tamed and shiny. Long, healthy hair is easy to wear as long as you dry it well (Dry it first with your head upside down for more volume) and use smoothing gels.