Best Celebrity Workout DVDs

Ever since Jane Fonda released her ground-breaking Workout tape in 1982, celebrities have been sharing their fitness routines with the world. Here are five celebrity DVDs for those who prefer to get in shape with their favorite star.

Jane Fonda Collection: The Complete Workout and Stress Reduction Program. Why not go back to the source for your workout. There’s a reason Jane Fonda’s original workout VHS was a huge success. It worked and it was fun. This 131-minute DVD contains two Jane Fonda VHS exercise programs, Complete Work and Stress Reduction. These programs include weight training, energetic and low-impact aerobics, and stretching for a complete and balanced workout. You can buy this celebrity workout DVD collection at


Mel B’s Totally Fit. Melanie Brown, or Mel B, was a member of the Spice Girls, the best-selling girl group of all time. She was known as Scary Spice. Those who saw her successful appearance on Dancing with the Stars know that she is in great shape. Her Totally Fit DVD is a 28-day balanced workout program aimed at getting you fit, keeping you that way and helping you have fun along the way. It includes a warm up and a full-body cardio program, as well as exercises that target problem spots. You can buy this celebrity workout DVD at

Paula Abdul’s Cardio Dance. Dancing, which has always been a fun addition to an exercise program, is more popular than ever since the advent of Dancing with the Stars. This DVD predates that program, but its cardio workout is a dance-based routine that will give you a good workout while you are having fun. You do one dance segment at a time, then bring them together in a complete routine at the end. In addition, the DVD features a lower body toning program, which includes dance-inspired moves, and a dancer’s stretch segment. You can buy this celebrity workout DVD at

Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease Collection. This DVD brings Carmen Electra’s four fitness DVDs (Aerobic Striptease, Fit to Strip, Advanced Aerobic Striptease and The Lap Dance and Hip Hop) together in one collection. Carmen Electra’s approach to exercise and fitness is that you should have fun and feel sexy while you work out. This collection covers a lot of territory, but if you take it seriously, you should benefit in many ways, with a more toned and stronger body, better coordination and balance, and some sexy new dance moves to show off to your friends. You can buy this celebrity workout DVD collection at

Kathy Kaehler Basics, Total Fitness Workout. Kathy Kaehler is Today Show’s fitness expert and a Self magazine columnist. In addition, she has helped stars like Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Michelle Pfeiffer get in shape. This 35-minute, seven-segment program hits all the workout hot spots, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. Also, because it is broken up into smaller segments, you can easily tailor your personal exercise program to suit your schedule. You can buy this celebrity workout DVD at