The Best Celebrity Haircuts

Best Celebrity Haircuts 2018 | Source: – The Greatest Hairstyles

Celebrity haircuts are often used as references to try to copy a certain haircut style. If you are contemplating a new haircut, try out one of these celebrity haircuts which are some of the most best haircuts.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has the classic haircut. She has long hair with long layers in it. Her celebrity haircut is best for someone that has thick hair. If you want a haircut like Jennifer Aniston’s you need a hair straightener to get the sleek and straight look that she has. Ant-frizz products will also be needed to tame any fly-aways or frizz.

Katie Holmes


Katie Holmes cut her longer hair into a fashion-forward bob. She later cut it even shorter into a pixie cut. Her version of the bob was one of the best celebrity haircuts. Her bob was cut slightly shorter in the back and had had had face framing strands in the front. She has had blunt bangs that gave the haircut more style. This will work best on women with straight hair that is not too thick. Invest in a hair straightener and products that will make your hair sleek and shiny.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon also cut her long hair shorter. She cut it to about shoulder length with layers mixed into it. She tended to style in a retro-look way with big curls. Use big Velcro rollers to get curls and set them in place with hairspray. Make sure that you do a side part that is still sleek on top.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor has an edgy, funky cut that many younger woman and teenagers are asking for. She has chunky bangs with hair that is about shoulder length. The key to the cut is that all of the hair is razored and gives it the spiky look. For this celebrity haircut you will need plenty of pomade or gel to keep your hair edgy and hip. If you have thick hair this may not be the style for you.


Rihanna is another celebrity that keeps her edgy and hip. She cut her really short with longer bangs in the front and a short, razored cut in the back. You have to be a little daring if you want to take on this celebrity haircut. For this cut you will need pomade or gel to keep the haircut styled and not look out of control.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is another celebrity who decided to go the short route this past year. She cut her hair into very short pixie cut. When asking for this celebrity haircut, make sure that your hair stylists is experienced with short cuts as this is a drastic cut. For this celebrity haircut you will need pomade or gel to give it a sophisticated edge.

Debra Messing

If you have naturally curly hair, then you may want to look at Debra Messing’s haircut. She has long, naturally curly hair that she has cut layers into to give it some style. Layers around the face are a great option to frame your face. This haircut is harder to take care of as you will need plenty of product like gel and curl enhancers to keep the curls. You will also need a blow dryer with a diffuser so your hair doesn’t get frizzy but stays sleek and curly.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is another celebrity that rocks the long hair with the curls. But her hair is more of that glamorous, big-curl look. She also has long layers in her that, but she uses those layers to her advantage to keep her hair voluminous and healthy. Use large hot rollers to get big curls and allow them to fall naturally like Jessica does. Add some hairspray and you are set. If your hair does not hold curl that well, you may want to use a curl enhancer to get this celebrity style.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett recently dyed her blonde hair brown and has allowed it to grow out into a long, straight cut. To get her long pin-straight hair you will need a straightener product that will hold in moisture along with an excellent hair straightener. Straighten your hair in small sections to get it as straight as possible.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is another celebrity who cut their hair shorter this past year. She made a great choice with her sleek bob that sits right above her shoulders. Her bob has very subtle layers in it and frames her face. A hair straightener is a good idea if you want this celebrity haircut.